You're here for a reason.

You're simultaneously overwhelmed & just fucking over it. What's the point of pushing forward & working tirelessly to leave your mark if nobody understands what it is that you want to do?

And you're tired. Tired of doing it all yourself. Tired of people giving you their unwarranted two cents. Tired of living what feels an awful lot like a double life because it's best to keep what's normal separate from how you really want to live your life.

Ultimately, you know this contradiction has got to come to a stop. Going it alone isn’t cutting it anymore because you want more for yourself. For your life.


You don’t have to defend your life or any part of it.

Go ahead and exhale.



You need a reminder that what you're doing is needed in the world. And that you are the only one who can bring it into this world.

You need confirmation that all the sacrifices and lost sleep and time spent hustling hasn't been for nothing. That there is light at the end of this tunnel.

You are in desperate need of someone who will absolutely be there without question for you on those days when you're ready to pack it all in & fall in line with the rest of society.

Empowerment Coaching with Christine Barnes

I'm not here to give you the answers or tell you how to live your life.
I'm here as your advocate and 

to REMIND YOU WHY YOU started down this path when you feel like calling it quits.

I'm here to remind you that it's possible.
That that dream of yours or the vision you hold for yourself is attainable.

Empowerment Coaching with Christine Barnes



You must take ownership of your life. This includes the relationships and career and lifestyle you currently exist in along with what you desire. 

I want to help you bring your real, sometimes messy self to every aspect of your life. I'm here to encourage you to feel empowered with the choices & decisions ahead of you. But shifting from insecure & unsure of what you want for yourself to confidently going after your goals doesn’t happen overnight.

What I know for sure is that navigating big, life-changing moments by yourself is hard. One thing that makes these transitions easier is having people in your corner who truly want to see you succeed on your terms.

The other thing that will make your life a hell of a lot easier when it comes to choosing one route versus the other is deep, judgement-free conversation.

You're fully capable of writing out the pros & cons for each choice and I'm sure you've gone over that list a few times now. What you need is someone who gets it, and by gets it I mean someone who won't waste any time diving straight into the heart of the matter.

Courageous Conversations with Christine Barnes


Count me in!

Here's what you have to look forward to with this limited offering:

≫ Intentional questionnaire sent (and to be completed) prior to our chat
≫ 60 minute conversation via Skype, telephone, or in person
≫ The right mix of listening & evoking to move you from stuck to stoked!


Here are some of the life-giving changes previous clients have experienced during our time together:

brought the focus back to vitality & creativity

mindset shifts from unworthiness & the need for perfection to stronger self-belief & the recognition of all progress

reframed perspective to stay in their own lane

improved habits to embrace & celebrate the good, not-so-good, and everything in between

reignited sense of hope & possibility for future endeavors

began living a life they are proud to call their own


Prefer to read through the reviews on Amazon before you finally decide to buy? I've got you covered. Click on over to KIND WORDS to see what some of my previous clients have said about a coaching series with me. 

Empowerment Coaching with Christine Barnes

The Quest

All coaching series will kick off with a 45 minute let’s-get-to-know-one-another call because it's important we’re a great fit for each other. Here are the deets & what you can look forward to:

≫ Intentional questionnaire sent (and to be completed) prior to our first session
≫ One hour biweekly calls for a total of 8 coaching sessions over four months
≫ Unlimited email support
≫ Valuable worksheets, resources, & recommended tools as needed & requested
≫ Just the right amount of tough love & relentless encouragement to carry you through our time together & beyond


Just as these results have varied with each of my clients, your coaching series, like your path, will be completely unique to you.


You can force yourself to replicate a worn path which looks like a piece of cake, but you will find yourself unhappy & feeling even more lost than before.


Your journey will require consistent action, ruthless determination, & a discernment of where exactly you give your fucks.


Redirecting & taking those first courageous steps on your path alone can heighten feelings of isolation & unworthiness, and you’re that much more likely to give up on the pursuit. And what a shame it would be if you threw the towel in when all you needed was a walking buddy.